Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Reason for the Season

Well folks it is that time of year again when we Christian's have to make a decision. The decision is one that is a tough one. To celebrate christmas as a secular holiday or as a religious holiday. To many people, Christians included, tend to lose their focus around the holiday with all the food and presents. Even if you are secular a reason to celebrate is the opportunity to gather with our loved ones. As a Christian I believe the reason we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Lord Christ Jesus. That is my purpose for this season. Now there have been times in my life that I lost focus of the reason but this year it has been weighing heavy on my heart. I love my family and I love presents but this year I am going to remember that the reason that I can celebrate is because Christ was born, died, and resurected for you, me and everyone in the world. To everyone reading this column have a blessed Christmas and remember to say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the mercy he showed us on the cross and the opportunity to celebrate this holiday that we have.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Carry My Cross

Yet again my favorite band has blown me away with the lyrics of another song. Third day is probably one of the best lyrical Christian rock bands of this time. The song "Carry My Cross" off of their new album is amazing. So many of us have seen "The Passion of the Christ" and realize the great amount of pain that Christ went thru on that day but in all that pain we sometimes forget another important aspect of the Cross, The Shame.

This song is along the lines of "Thief" in that it is an image of the our Savior from the cross. Lyrics below

"So I'll carry my cross
and I'll carry the shame
To the end of the road
Through the stuggle and pain
And I'll do it for love
No, it won't be in vain
Yes, I'll carry my cross
And I'll carry the shame"

This is Christ message to each of us. I pray that you will remember not only the pain and struggle but the shame of dieing on a cross with a crown of thorns on his head and hanging between two theives was and why he did it.....for love.

Monday, December 19, 2005

No Respect I tell ya

Tennessee gets the shaft

What is this!!! Tenessee beats the number 6 team in the land and still gets no respect in Basketball. Little play on words below

Seven and O start Cost New Coach
Waxing the #6 team in the land Cost Bus Fair and Injuries
Still getting no respect Cost Priceless

There are some things money can buy and then for everything else there is NCAA

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Big Blue Sings Tubby Praises

Well this weekend it is a different post for the U of K fans. This week was huge for the the big blue. Now I am no UK fan but what they did to Louisville was pretty much make them look second class. But just one week ago Kentucky got their rear end handed to them by IU so who really knows what that Cats team is able to do. Also this week the NCAA gave in to big money pressure again and allowed Randolf Morris back on the team. Now I am not going to explain myself or justify my statement other than by saying this. Any other sport that does not make money would not have even gotten the re-hearing much less a reduced suspension. Yet again it shows the corrupt nature of the NCAA.

On another NCAA note, how about them Teneessee Vols. They showed up the number 6 team in the nation. Texas granted is in a mess with injuries but it just goes to show that when you don't have bench then you are in trouble in the NCAA basketball world. I can't wait till my Vols meet this inconsistent Cats team in SEC play. The Cols thus far have shown that they are a good team and can compete for a SEC title.

UT lays tha Smack down

Monday, December 12, 2005


I am no UK Fan but I know there are some who are panicing after this weekend.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


The House

Some people have asked to see pictures of our house. I will put a few on here and let you all go from there.

The Front of the House

The Master Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Kitchen Again

Our Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Importance of Discipeship

Importance of Discipleship

As I have studied in to wisdom and knowledge I have learned a lot about myself and the path that the Lord has put me on. I have also learned a lot about the things I have learned (knowledge) and how those things have changed as I have gained some wisdom. I am in no way wise but with every passing day I gain more wisdom.

Discipleship is one such example of where I thought I had it all figured out and I was wrong. When I became a Christian I had a man by the name of Daniel disciple me. The day I was baptized he handed me a notebook piece of paper full of scripture references for me to read and learn.  He sent me down of path of gaining knowledge knowing that I would later learn how to apply this knowledge for the good of the King the Lord has made.  But as all things change so did my view of “ to show thy self approved.”

When I went to college I did not get involved in bible study or discipleship and my view changed. I believed that discipleship was a formality in our walk and that was it. I believed it played no major role in our daily activities such as witnessing and evangelizing.  By the end of my junior year all I cared about was winning people to Christ and what needed to happen to see that this happened. I never took this evangelism out of the realm that it was God saving these people not I so it was not about selfish desires.

Why do I talk about all this, because as I have grown up and gained wisdom I have learned the importance of discipleship and its role in the Christian walk. Discipleship is what got me in the church, it is what kept me in the church, and those things I was taught when I first came of Christ is what has pulled me through those tough times.  Those things I was taught are what I used when witnessing.  Discipleship is key to the Christian walk and anyone who trys to say otherwise is incorrect.

If you are reading this I am asking that you post your own stories of discipleship and what it has meant to you. Also post your views of discipleship and its importance to the church.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wisdom and Knowledge (Final)

Wisdom and Knowledge final

I have been investigating the difference in these two things for some time now and have finally heard a quote that really stuck in my mind and I feel it is a great explanation of what both of these gift from God are.
     “Knowledge is the collective sum of all the things in our lives we learn . Wisdom is the ability to decipher this knowledge and apply for the good of humanity.”

Before someone ask no I don’t exactly remember where the quote is from but you can be sure I am not a smart enough man to come up with something this profound.  I would leave it at that except anyone who knows me knows that I can’t do that.

So why is do I think this is the best quote. My definition of Knowledge is basically the same definition as the first sentence of this quote but the second sentence I find very fascinating. “Wisdom is the ability to decipher this knowledge and apply it for the good of humanity”. This beckons the question can you have wisdom with out applying it for the good of humanity? No because God is the author of wisdom and he loves his creation enough that he died for it(John 3:16).  Some one is going to say, “Well God does allows things to happen sometimes that don’t appear to be for the betterment of humanity.” To this I have one scripture reference that I think words it best. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isa 55:9)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Stupid Californians at it again

"Hear, my son, your father's instructions and do not forsake your mother's teachings;" (Proverbs 1:8). I believe this verse sums up the main source of our knowledge. Our parents are our prime source of instruction. This is not discounting anything our schools are teaching. Nor is this to discount the things our heavenly Father provides in the way of knowledge. He provided us with THE WORD so it again goes back to God.

I want to talk a little about this because of something I saw on the news this morning. On the today show they spoke about a school district in California that gave a survey to their students in the range of 10- 15 years of age and ask them questions about sex, self gratification, and homosexuality. The parents of some of the students where up in arms and do you blame them. It is not the right of the school to teach our kids about sex. That is the right and OBLIGATION of the parents. The court ruled on the side of the school saying that the, get this, parents aren't the only source of teaching that students should be exposed too. I agree with this statement but hello these kids are 10 years old. My father didn't have the birds and bees conversation with me until I was starting to become a man.

Yet again this shows where our knowledge and wisdom should come. I mean look at what the worlds knowledge is giving our kids. "Hey you are ten years old it is time to talk about masturbation and the use of condoms!"Sorry I had to vent a little about this

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back to Wisdom

Back to Wisdom

Well I thought I had run out of thoughts on the Wisdom/Knowledge discussion but Troy Dobbs spoke an amazing sermon this morning that rocked my world a little bit. Troy was in Matthew 7:24-27. It is where Jesus is speaking and says, “Let he who hears these words I teach and puts them in to practice is like the wise man who build his house on the rock.  Most people just know of this parable as the story of the wise verses the foolish. But if you only think about it as a story you really miss the point of what Jesus is saying. Never are the words of our Christ to be taken lightly. Troy said let us take the word house and put life in its place. This would bring about a whole new meaning to this would it now.  The key to all this is still the “variable of ‘puts them in to practice’”.

     Two things from all this you can gather about the wise. First: The wise hear the words of our Lord and apply them to their lives.  It doesn’t say that the wise hear the words and debate them. It doesn’t say the wise hear the words and say this is how I would apply them. It says, “He who puts these words in to practice is like a wise man....” I am the worst at hearing a sermon, song, or bible study and saying well I don’t agree with this part of it or that part of it. Now not to say that this is a bad thing BUT it is a bad thing if it keeps us from “hiding thy word in my heart o Lord so that I might not sin against thee.”  Far too often I don’t remember certain things I am taught because I am to busy saying what I think about them and because of this satan takes them away from me.  I can hear some people now saying, “Why would I store something away in my heart that I don’t understand or agree with.” Let me answer that one. WE DON’T KNOW IT ALL AND NEVER WILL.  We are always learning something new and learning new perspectives on the things we have already learned. If we aren’t growing and learning more about our Lord each day then we are truly seeking after God’s own heart because none of us know it all.

     Second: The wise are not with out storms. Just because we put our “lives” on the rock doesn’t mean we are going to be without storms.  The wise understand this fact and they absorb the storm instead of letting it blow them down. It is too easy and we are taught to some extent that you can “cast your burdens on Jesus” and everything will be fine. Well this is true but at the same time just because we cast them on Christ doesn’t mean we won’t have others later.  

     So hear again I have learned something about being wise. Sometimes we may not understand all we are taught by the elders but they are our elders for a reason and sometimes we should just apply their teachings, seeing that they are teaching the words of our Lord, to our lives and learn the wisdom of their teachings as we go thru this world.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Differences of Belief

Differences of Beliefs

This past week the church I attend, Crestwood Baptist Church, found out that our pastor was leaving for another church. This whole situation got me to thinking about the tension between Christians, churches, and denominations. It got me thinking about this because I was upset about his parting. This was obviously a selfish thought but none the less it crossed my mind. I do not feel I am alone in this thought either. I bet that inside most of the members of Crestwood are not happy about this situation. Mostly because we are human and don’t like change and the coming months and years are going to be about change. God never wants us to be to comfortable and it could be possible it was too comfortable at Crestwood.

So after spending some time being upset at myself for my selfishness I was led down the path of are denomination bad or good? but I am not exactly sure how I feel about this situation so it is hard to really talk about it. On one hand I understand the particular need, in style and presentation of the gospel, that different churches and denominations fill. But in same, how is a clearly defined division healthy for the Kingdom of God. Shouldn’t we all be putting up a united front instead of divide front to the “world”? One of the biggest problems is that we let the non-kingdom defining differences drive us to a point of dislike for each other. Some might say I am wrong but they are just not opening there eyes and really seeing what these differences are doing. What differences? I will name a few.

1 Is the bible the literal word of God?
2 Is Baptism a requirement for Salvation?
3 Can and/or should women be ministers?
4 Is the church equal to, higher, or under the authority of the bible?

Now I confess that some denominations I do not understand. How they come up with some of their views and theology that they teach is beyond me. But I also attend a Baptist church and really agree, mostly, with the theology as taught in most Southern Baptist churches. But some denominations are so closed that they think they are the only one with the opportunity to go to heaven. Obviously they aren’t reading from the same bible I am.

So the basic question is can people who can’t/don’t agree of things such as the issues listed above put up a united front and not seem hypocritical. The surface answer is no. But chew on this. All Christians are hypocrites. Dave Matthews Band has a song that I think has one the best descriptions of Christianity I have ever heard. But basically it says that what we are is something we can never be because we can’t give life. Christ gave us life and no matter how many people God allows us to witness to we can not give them life, we can only show them the path. So could one say that the term Christian is fundamentally flawed since Christ gave life and we can never give this? And thus in this do we have a common ground and a possible place to set up a united front?

So I am back to a previous statement because I still haven’t figured out what I feel about separation of churches and denominations so I am just going to stop there.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Move In

Well we are all moved in. we still have a lot of un packng too do but it is all here. Paise God because he has blessed this entire project from start to now and I don.t for see that changing.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Extreme Home Makeover

Well it is friday and the extreme home make over is almost done. We actually stayed here last night since I got the bathroom finished yesterday. We have two completly finished rooms. only thing, excluding moving is the closet doors and cleaning the house.
It is starting to set in. we own a house and that is a little overwhelming

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Keepin it goin

Well back to the old grind..we got the office wallpaper off and the master bed room painted. Today I have to finssh the master bedroom and bath. I also have to get the office ready for paint. this requires sandin,priming, and painting. Got my work cut out for me again.

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Monday, October 17, 2005


oooo forgot one thing. my wife only picked three colors praise God because that will make this project much smoother.

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Another day on the Job

Another day on the job     

Well Crystal and I got the keys last night and the house was in a little rougher shape than either of us remember.  So we decided last night to get started. Last night we taped off all the rooms we could that didn’t have wallpaper on the walls. We stripped off the wallpaper in the bathroom and I got a good idea of why they put up the paper in the first place. The wall was in rough shape. I spent some time mudding last night and I am sure I will spending more time in there today so that when I Kilz it will be a smooth wall and then will take the paint well. Hopefully after today we will have the master bedroom painted, the wall paper off the wall in the guest room and the office, and the primer on in the master bathroom.  Got a busy busy day. Pray for us as we are a  little overwhelmed with everything.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

on the move

Well my wife and I have bought a house and this past week and a half has been crazy trying to get ready and the next week and a half will be the same so i have made a decision to cancel my study into knowledge and wisdom and just log a little everyday about what I am doing. I will make one comment on wisdom and knowledge....They are different and the thing I desire most is to learn all the knowledge I can so that as i grow older I can turn this knowledge in to wisdom.
Today is crazy. We have just about everything packed up and I am going to help the people we bought the house from move their riding mower at 6 tonight and we get the keys to the house at that point. Crystal and I have a big night ahead of us because we have to pick paint colors tonight so we can buy them in the morning. I am going to send her to Home Depot while I go and get a trailer and some other things so we can get started tomorrow getting everything ready for the move this coming weekend. We will be sleeping at our new house starting tomorrow and will be sleeping on an air mattress for a couple days until our new bedroom arrives on Wednesday. Well that is a brief explanation of what is going on here and that is all I got to say.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Anybody who has ever done any amount of writting knows that you have to have the 5W's and the H. The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. I am going to address each of these in individual post to keep them short for myself and for anyone who reads this.
I have already answered the who in a lot of words in previous post. So the main question is Who can gain Godly knowledge? Some might say I am forgetting something. Who is the author of knowledge but in my previous post I stated that answer. GOD. God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He was before the world began and will be after the world ends. He created the world thus He created Knowledge. Some would argue that point but I don’t believe anything is in this world with out God putting it here. I believe we as humans do not have the “knowledge of God” on how to use everything that is on this earth. Case in point is Marijuana.
Question : Who can obtain Godly knowledge?
ANYONE but….. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,”(Pro. 1:7) The first thing to gaining Godly knowledge is fear of the Lord. Well what does it mean to fear the Lord. To realize God is God. He can do what ever he wants, to whom ever he wants, to whatever he wants, when ever he wants. But all he ask us to do is in realizing this we obey his commandments. “Fear the Lord you God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name. Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you; for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a jealous God and his anger will burn against you, and he will destroy you from the face of the land.” (Deut 6:13-15) If we truly fear him and keep his commands then we could not help but fall to our knees before him worshipping the One and Only God.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Revised Definition

In my journey to understand Knowledge and Wisdom I have decided to start with knowledge. I did some research and came up with a definition for knowledge. You have to know what you are researching before you can actually try to figure it out. After sitting on my definition of knowledge I decided it wasn’t quite right.

Definition as yesterday: “Knowledge is the sum of what you are conviced or certain of to be true or factual.”
I didn’t state this entirely correctly and this was pointed out to me. A better definition is this: “Knowledge is the sum of the things you are aware of that are true or factual.”

This definition is a very worldly definition. Seeing that I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ I don't believe you can define something like knowledge with out seeking God's definition and view of knowledge. I mean if you are a believer you have to believe a few facts about knowledge.

1)God is the God of Knowledge. (I Sam 2:3)
"Boast no more so very proudly, Do not let arrogance come out of your mouth; For the Lord is a God of Knowledge, and with Him actions are weighted."

In this scripture it says that "the Lord is a God of Knowledge" and I say the Lord is THE God of Knowledge. I say this because of the First Commandment. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me". Also the word God is capitalized in I Samuel. With those two things I don't believe I am off when I say God is THE GOD of Knowledge. There are many other reasons i could state but I won't for shortness of this writting.

2)God's knowledge is much higher they we could ever attain. (Psalms 139:1-6)
v6 says, "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is too high, I cannot attain to it."
This passage is talking about the ways of the Lord and His knowings of our comings and going, risings and fallings, words and no words. So if we can never attain the knowledge of God why do we study it from his word and try to understand it. Psalms 119:10 is the answer. His knowledge is given to us in the word and althought we may never attain and apply it(this could be wisdom but we will see about this later) we will "tresure Your word in my heart, That I may not sin against You".

So with these facts stated...Is the study of knowledge the study of how not to sin? Instresting thought I think. I am not saying that is true or false but I think i will investigate further in to this idea next post.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What is Knowledge

What is Knowledge.

I have a co-worker, one with much knowledge and wisdom, who I like to refer to as Webster’s best friend. He is always challenging me to use the correct word and definition for the conversation. This has been a huge learning curve for me because I am terrible with grammar and terrible with sentence context. But this little bit of wisdom has really helped me as a person. So with this being said lets look to Webster for our definition on Knowledge.

Pronunciation: 'nä-lij
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English knowlege, from knowlechen to acknowledge, irregular from knowen
1 obsolete : COGNIZANCE
2 a (1) : the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association (2) : acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique b (1) : the fact or condition of being aware of something (2) : the range of one's information or understanding <answered to the best of my knowledge> c : the circumstance or condition of apprehending truth or fact through reasoning : COGNITION d : the fact or condition of having information or of being learned <a man of unusual knowledge
4 a : the sum of what is known : the body of truth, information, and principles acquired by mankind b archaic : a branch of learning

Let us examine the 2nd part of this definition. I like this because I don’t agree with Webster. I will get in to that later as to why in another post. I think the best definition of knowledge is number 4. The sum of what is known. So what does it mean to know something. Again we look to Webster.

Pronunciation: 'nO
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): knew /'nü also 'nyü/; known /'nOn/; know·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English cnAwan; akin to Old High German bichnAan to recognize, Latin gnoscere, noscere to come to know, Greek gignOskein
transitive senses
1 a (1) : to perceive directly : have direct cognition of (2) : to have understanding of <importance of knowing oneself> (3) : to recognize the nature of : DISCERN b (1) : to recognize as being the same as something previously known (2) : to be acquainted or familiar with (3) : to have experience of
2 a : to be aware of the truth or factuality of : be convinced or certain of b : to have a practical understanding of <knows how to write>

Number 2 says to be aware of the truth or factuality of: be conviced or certain of. So a good definition of knowledge in a personal form.
“Knowledge is the sum of what you are conviced or certain of to be true or factual.”

Chew on that definition, do some research and post back what you think to be a good definition of Knowledge.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Knowledge and/or Wisdom

Intersting title huh. This is something I have been struggling with for sometime and I bet that most of us have. Think back to to thirteen...Teenage years. I knew it all. I didn't need my parents, my coach, my pastor. I was in control of my own life and didn't need their knowledge of the world to get by. Ok let us break down my last statement. I said knowledge because when you are in high school all you are getting is head knowledge. Most of the "life applications" you need you can learn from your early years of life. For example don't stick your finger in the light socket, don't touch a hot stove, Listen when someone talks, etc. Everything else in the world is head knowledge.

Let us skip a little forward to college. This 4 years, or in some cases 10 years, of our lives is the most knowledge based thing we will probably ever go thru in our lives. What do they tell you on every college application. We are preparing you for your FUTURE! I went head over heals for this even though I didn't get good grades. But i learned a lot of head knowledge about my skills, trades, self, and my God.

So why am I ranting about head knowledge. Well I have been out of school now for almost 2 years. In these two years I have learned so much that I can't even begin to sum it all up. But the lessons I have learned have been in how much wisdom I really don't have. So people want to use Wisdom and Knowledge as the same. Most in the world want to do away with "wisdom" because everyone is equal and can and do have the same wisdom. Well I don't and will not agree with that. SO to truly understand this fact for the next few post I am going to be discussing Wisdom and Knowledge. I will leave this post with this little bit of insight i found in my bible

INSIGHT:"To have knowledge is to have understanding of information about something. To have wisdom is to have the ability to apply knowledge to daily life."

I think this is probably the greatest quote I have heard on this topic. This quote will be the source for my discussion as i am going to break down this insight word by word. Please post and let me know what you think on this topic or if you have any questions we all can see if we can figure it out.

A Mind Straining Project

I am the worst writer in the word, I hate to read, but most of all I hate to have to think. I am a act and re-act kind of person. This project is going to be one of a learning curve for me and for my responders. As I have begun to work I have realized that college was something of a blur for me. Not because I was drunk but because in college you really don't have to deal with the "real world" and its problems. I will be addressing some of these problems thru out this project but also I will be addressing the benefits of the "real world" as well. So if I sound like I am pissed off about something just wait until the next time I post because then you might find I am very happy about something else.
House Keeping Issues:
1) This is not a hate blog so please no bashing of opinions. I just get mad when people come out and say, " Well you are stupid and so is your opinion." We are human and won't always agree but hey that is the great and the bad thing about being human.
2) I don't and won't post daily!!! You will be lucky if i post more than once weekly. Read the first sentence again if you don't understand this concept. I don't like to sit and think. I will only "blog" when I have a thought on my mind and to be honest I am simple so once a week will probably be good.
3)I will not being giving you any of my person information outside of what is on the info page so don't ask. I won't tell you even if it is relevant because my personal space is my personal space and the only two people in the world that are priviledged to that space are my God, Jesus Christ, and my wife, Crystal McGrew.
4) I will be posting sometimes on religion. So it is important that you all remember issue number 1. There is only one truth in the Holy Bible, in my opinion and rememeber opinion right there, that is absolute. Jesus Christ was/is God, He cam from heaven to earth and lived as a man, was crucified, was brought back from the dead in three days, walked on this earth after and finally accended to heaven to sit at the right hand of the throne of God and this was not for vain reasons but to save everyone that believes in him. If you disagree with this statement then you probably won't want to read on this blog very often because alot of my opinions are based on this truth.
5) So if you like the sound of this i encourage you to read and check back and respond because hopefully this will be a good project for me and my readers.