Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Windows Vista???

Ok I anybody who knows me knows that I am a tech junky. I love computers, games, TVs, DVR's and sound systems. So it is fair to say that I keep up with quite a bit of tech news. So when I found out that the newly, soon to be released for second half of 2006, Windows Vista(aka longhorn) was delayed I was not shocked. Microsoft yet again proved that they are the only company in America that can get away with putting out a half finished product and offer "Service Packs" to fix the bugs they missed and/or not meet any deadline they ever set. If anyone remembers XP was late too. I am really getting sick of this crap from Microsoft. Unfortunitly I have to use it but I don't rely on it anymore. My company uses Lotus Domino and Notes, by the way IBM is a great company who actually puts out a quality product and they are always ontime, and I have quit using Office for anything that I can get from Open Office by Sun, another quality company. So with all of this said I thought I would link a few of my favorite software packages and a couple of good blogs for anyone who cares about tech.

Mozilla Firefox(Web Browser)
A quality Microsoft Office Replacement
IBM Lotus page
From there you can download a free Lotus Notes client that will do all your email needs
A Blog about IBM and Domino

These are just a couple links to some good software that isn't microsoft. So i guess you could say I have joined the anti microsoft group. GO LINUX!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Have you ever let pride get in the way of letting you do something you know you should do. The speaker at my church last weekend had a great definition of pride and humility.

Pride: Caring about what other think of you.
Humility: Caring about what God thinks of you.

That is a tough pill to swallow cause I want everyone to like me and sometime in my life I have do so at the expense of my Heavenly father.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sporting Report

Aight I admit I have slacked off quite a bit here in the recent weeks but things have been crazy. But for once I actually heard from a few people asking me what happened so that is encouraging me a little to blog some more. This is the sporting Report volume 1 , ed 2

Basketball (March Madness Style)

Nice of Syracuse to show up finally, tough lose for UConn, and what the heck happened to my Vols. Bruce Pearl said, "We aren't playing our best basketball right now, and haven't been for some time." HELLO march is the only time that really matters. Granted the season is important and the SEC tournament is important but you better get them boys playing some ball before Thursday cause I got you to at least win one game in my bracket. Also once again Gonzaga proved why they are the most underachievers, overhyped team in the land. Before their conference tourney they probably would have gotten a 2 seed. THEY ALMOST LOST!!!!!!! And I have to give DAP where it is deserved, Tubby has the Cat playing well at the right time again in the season. I am sick of UK fans bashing on this man because he doesn't go undefeated or play Basketball the way Rick Petino plays it. Hey they win alot and are always a force in the tournaments so UK fan i got a little something for you......SHUT UP, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE, AND BE HAPPY. YOU COULD HAVE LOST IN THE FIRST ROUND LIKE UT.

Winter Olympics recap (Scooby Syle)

Rodey Rucks. End of story. The man that was the biggest hype for America in the winter games stunk it up on the slopes. Yet again America also proved where our hearts, mind, and stomachs are at. The Flying Tomato won the half pipe. Go figure that Igor Molsitiv didn't win...he doesn't smoke weed, talk like a hippy, and does have a nickname like the Flying Tomato. GO USA!!

Pro Sports

Praise the Lord the NFL owner quit arguing over a couple hundred thousand dollars. They finally got smart and realized they have a great thing going with the salary cap and screwing that up would be a mistake. We still have football and I am thankful. Hey Miami is showing up on the basketball court just at the right time of the year. If they get Wade back heathly I think they got the talent to win the NBA Championship but who actually watches NBA when March Madness is in full swing.

Other sports

Hmmmm...Nothing interesting right now. If you know something from other sports post it!!!