Sunday, February 12, 2006

David and Goliath

Went to church this morning and the speaker was preaching on David and Goliath. Now most of the time when you hear this you are in awe about that facts of this story and more sermons on this are more of the historical and fact based and not so much life application. Now this fits right up my alley because I really hate it when a speaker trys to make something life application that really isn't or shouldn't be life application. Alot of what we are suppose to learn from the bible is the facts and to "learn from the mistakes of the past" in my opinion. But none the less let me expand a little on what I am talking about.

David = Us
This guy made the arguement that we are David in our own war. Pick your war but you are in one on this earth. This was an intersting thought because we where nothing, like David before Goliath, but after finding Christ we are more than just a little sheppard.

Goliath = Our Sins
I don't know if i agree with this analogy because although all sins of our lives are big and they are all equal in the eyes of God that isn't to say that overcoming sexual impurity is just a easy as overcoming respecting one another. I do think there are things in this world that are "Giants to over come" but i also think there are just small hurdles as well. But never the less it was intresting where he went from here.

David's attack = Running, not walking, straight at our sins
David didn't over come his sin by walking at it leasurely. He also didn't over come his sin by running from it and acting like it isn't there. The only way to defeat the enemy is to face him and over come him not leasurely walk up to him and say, "I think I can overcome you now." NO you run up to the enemy, smack him in the face with honesty, and say, "Get behind me Satan!"

So pretty good life application lesson from a story that I had only really heard in a historical and factual sermon.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This is the Sporting Report

I am now going to start posting once a week on all sporting actions(that I care about)just because I like to talk about sports


It appears and youthful Kentucky and Louisville are not what the Big Blue and Cardinal Red nations where looking for this year in basketball. But on a brighter note my Vols finally got that cat off their backs and one a big one in Rupp. If they continue at this rate they should get a 2 or no lower than a 3 seed in the dance.
Also in the basketball world the Pistons actually lost another game. It is so rare that it deserved a comment.

Tiger wins again. Nothing new there i don't think.


My turn on the Superbore. That was probably one of the worst Superbowls I have ever watched. I love defense but it wasn't even was a sloppy game and the commercials weren't up to their usual humor. For such a boring event the only thing the sporting world aka PTI and Around the Horn could talk about is the refs. Bad calls didn't affect the outcome they just gave the media somethin to harp about


Say it isn't so.....Pete Rose all over again except in a different sport. Wayne is going down on this one and that is a shame considering he is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES!!!

Winter Olympics

The old fart Michelle Kawn, or what ever her name is, didn't even compete in the nationals and still get to go to the game. THAT IS WRONG!!! If you get injuryed in another sport, say swimming, you don't go plain and simple. The little girl that got third at nationals get a pat on the back for preforming so well and getting nothin in STUPID.


On a lighter note....Soccer fans aren't cause bodily injury to anyone right which is almost a first!

This has been your first weekly sporting report
ed 1 vol 1 post 1 :-)