Friday, October 24, 2008

Making Bundy Proud!!!

My son did this himself...I didn't pose him or anything. All i did was set him up against a few pillows and what do you know....Al Bundy would be proud. OO I LOVE BEING A DAD!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Im as mad as...

...a one legged waitress working at the IHOP(Thank you Larry the Cable Guy). I have stayed out of the political talk and all of that but no more. If you are reading this and you don't like it when people talk about politics this this is your chance to leave this post because I won't be offended. However I would like to point out that this is not an endorsement for either politician or Party. Matter of fact I dislike both candidates ALOT and like the parties they work for even less!

This post is partly a story. Since the majority of my life now revolves around my family we start there. Crystal, Sawyer, and I took a trip to Hubar's Orchard and Winery on Saturday. We needed to get out of the house and it made for some great pictures that Sawyer will never remember but we will for the rest of our lives. We wanted to go pick a pumpkin and carve it up for Halloween. On the way out there Crystal and I both admired the country side and how beautiful it was and how much we both wished we could have a little country house in that area. It is close to the city and yet far enough out that we don't have to deal with the hassle of urban life. But as we are driving we pass this little country church with a ton of little white crosses in the yard. WHen I say a ton I might be under-estimating it. I saw nothing in the way of signage about what is was for but I suspected it was probably the fallen solders or something like that. Now that burned me up a little bit but not enough to get me to make this post.

AS we are on our way back from the orchard we pass by that little country church again and this time i see a sign that says what is is about.....wanna guess....Abortion. NOw i don't like abortion any more than anyone else but I was really really mad by this and here is why. Isn't it about time the church got back to doing what the church was designed to do. The church was designed to help people and lead people the Christ and Salvation. How does making a political statment help do either of those goals. Im surprised that so few churches have missed this one fact....if you have Jesus in your life you are much less likely to see abortion take place! So instead of trying to brow beat non-believers in to holding you a Christian's moral values...why don't you try to lead them to Christ. I would love to see the amount of people this little country church has led to Christ in the near past but I can almost promise you isn't many. Church(believing Christians) get back to doing what we are suppose to do!

**addendum** this does not mean you should not exercise your rights and vote your morals but it does mean we should concern ourself less about what is legal or illegal in this country, minus the right to worship freely, and spend that effort leading people to Christ

**addendum 2** care to take a guess how many people im going to piss off with this post.?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Spiritual Head.....

...well it has been nearly 4 weeks since Sawyer was born and I can still say at this point I wouldn't trade any of those 3am wake ups. Now I reference back to my previous post about being a wuss because my wife is does almost all of the work. She is breastfeeding so I can't help her in the middle of the night because quite frankly I don't have the right equipment. But that got me to thinking.....which is a very dangerous thing for me but hear me out.

Since I was not designed to "feed" our baby the way my wife does how can I "feed" him. I have to be a better man that I am now to do so. I am beginning to understand, in a very humanized way, what it means to deny yourself. Crystal is the nurturing, loving, kind, and all those things a God fearing woman should be. I however am called to be all those things as well as the Spiritual head of my household. Now I will confess to this point(before Sawyer's birth) I was terrible at this. I have always viewed Crystal and I's relationship as one that is rooted in and having deep respect for God and for one another. I'm not a bully nor do I try to tell him how to worship, live, work, cook or anything else for that matter and nor does she to me. I am however stubborn and so is she. The majority of our fights as a married couple have been rooted in both of our selfishness/stuborness. I always joked that I knew when I would be ready for kids when I was able to think about my child before myself. This doesn't mean I neglect myself now but it does mean in all decision making I have to think about more than myself.

So how can I be the spiritual leader in our home? It has to start with my making sure the main thing stays the main thing(God for those wondering). Second I have to make sure my wife is doing the same thing. I won't lie this is going to be a struggle because I am an in the face kind of guy with everything but when it comes to mine and others walk with the Lord. But I don't have to be that way with Crystal....I can encourage her by my actions. I have to serve her better, love her better, be there for her, and help her to make sure she gets time to herself. Third I have to pray daily that God would/will help Sawyer to look past my many flaws and see the desire for him to grow in to a God fearing man. I can't do this by myself with any teaching, rebuking, or training. It will have to be God being a part of all things in his life. I love Sawyer and want to make sure he can be the man he should be and that has to start with me loving God more, my wife better, and myself better.