Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Being Torn....

...I can't explain how much I love fatherhood. It is the most enjoyable thing I have every had the blessing to be a part of. Sawyer is so much fun and he is learning and growing more every day. BUT one of the things I have learned about myself is that I need and cherish "my" time. When you are newly wed you can spend a lot of time with your wife but you can still get away. Crystal and I have always been pretty good about that. We love each other and love to spend time with one another but we also both cherish our alone time. Well in the first few weeks of sawyer's life I began to get quite grumpy and short. I felt bad and I didn't know why. I have figured out why. I was spending all my time with sawyer when i got home, which isn't a bad thing, and didn't get any time to myself to recharge my own battery. Well since figuring out this fact I have been sure to take time to myself. I get up between 5am and 530am and read and watch tv and drink coffee and just be me. If I don't get that time I can tell. One other thing I do is play some music with a group of guys. It is a BLAST! we get together every Tuesday and just jam for a couple hours. It is a big time of just relaxing and letting the music just flow. BUT this takes away time from sawyer and Crystal. So I am torn! I absolutely love spending time with them but I also need to get away a little to be the best man I can be for them when I am there. anyone else have a situation like this where to be all that you can be you have to get away a little bit?

ps I am formulating a post about some religion/legalism on the look out

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some times it just pours

Well I'm finally getting around to blogging about crystal and I'sweek. It was one high intensity week. We are both worn out mentally and physically. So let uss take it from the top.

On Monday we received a call from crystal's mom telling me she just saw a close friend of ours father was killed in an tragic accident. I did not know the man but I know his daughter and son in law well so the news was just guy wrenching for us and I can't imagine what it is for them. But I will say before I move on that this event has helped me and crystal to keep the rest of the weeks events in proper perspective.

On Wednesday I was in a meeting when crystal called me. I ignored the first 2 because it is just rude to answer your phone in a meeting but by the third call I knew something was up so I answered. Crystal told me the front door of our house was open. Neither crytal nor I ever go out the front door so we knew something was up. Wanna guess??? If you guessed a break in you guessed right. It is the most violating experience I have ever been a part of. The thieves broke down our back door and stole about $5000 worth of stuff and damages. Doesn't appear to be a professional job as they broke down our back door but where nice enough to unlock the front door and storm door on the way out with our stuff in our pillow cases. The biggest hassle is the hassle of having to change bank accounts and credit cards. But in all we are thankful as it could have been worse. It was just stuff. The blessings of people from my work,our family, and friends has just bee overwhelming. We are ok now and just needing to get a new back door which is all the major damage that was done. They did really make a mess of our house but nothing that couldn't and hasn't already been cleaned up. Thank you to all for your prayers and encouragement!

Finally on Friday we found out that crystal's grandfather has to have heart bypass surgery on Monday. This has been one rough week but God is sufficient and good. We are thankful for the blessing we have received and for the way he is coninually providing for us!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hard to be this productive...... at work I had what we in IT call a non-expected outcome to a solution provided or aka "a screw up". I was working today on an agent(small little program) that would send out a weekly reminder to our building about our accounting reports being updated. This agent was to run once a week and should send out less than 100 emails. A nice, easy programming project....or so I thought. I wrote my agent, changed the program from one that ran against an event(ie a mouse click) to a schedule. There is one final setting to change before creating a simply mail agent and that is to tell it what data source it should run this agent against. YOu have 3 options:1)All documents in the database, 2) All new and modified documents in the database, 3) None. Since I didn't need this agent to run against anything I set it to none.....or so I thought. Apparently when I was starting the programming I missed a small little detail which is when you change the type agent from a script agent to a simple agent the "none" option disappears and the All documents option becomes active. I missed this critical piece of information! So when I saved my new agent that I was so proud of I was greeted about 5 minutes later with my blackberry vibrating and it wasn't stopping. Then I noticed it was still counting up and all the messages coming from my agent that I was so proud of. So as I am working try to figure out what happened I was helped by Troy and Michael to discover that critical change. So what happened was a reminder email was send to every person in the building from me for every email in the inbox of one of our accounting ladies. By the time we stopped the bleeding the agent had sent out some 600+ emails to all 100 people in our building. Doing the math that would be 60,000 emails in about 5-10 minutes. Think you can be that productive?

Monday, March 09, 2009

You be the judge...

The mornings are Sawyer and I's time. After Crystal leaves for work we play a little, I get him dressed, sometimes we sing, sometimes we chew on our lion, and then I get him ready to go to the babysitter. Now once he is packed up and ready to go I load in him the car along with all of my stuff. Then when I get in I general pull out the iPod touch, switch to the songs view and select shuffle. Now I do this because I have a lot of music and a lot of different types of music. Normally the first song that comes up is the artist I stay on in the morning. Sometimes Sawyer sleeps to my music, sometimes he starts talking, and sometimes he screams. NOrmally vie these responses I can tell if I should change it or turn it down if I really want to hear the song. Well this morning the first song that came up was......Free Bird. You heard right....the time honored southern redneck anthem Free Bird. The song that all people all over know that when it starts you pull out the lighter, hold it high and proud, and strike it(Does anyone know why we do this...?) Soon as it came on I said to Sawyer, "Son, this is a classic!" to which he responded to me this morning with an ....."UUAAHHH!" Now this wasn't an cry, it wasn't sad, but it certainly wasn't happy either. Do this mean my son isn't going to respect the classics?? or worse like R&B? Please tell me it isn't so! What do you think?