Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why use titles?

Ok I had a very interesting discussion at lunch today with some friends and it led me to get inspired to make a second post today. Why do we use titles and more specifically in the Christian world. How often has someone walked up to you and ask, "Hey what religion are you?" and what they really meant was, "What denomination are you?" This question led me many years ago to start responding to that question as "I am a Christian!" Now this answer seemed to puzzle those who meant to ask what denomination I am a part of and I would always reply with "I attend a Baptist Church." This used to be enough of a response but it seems as though here recently....and maybe it is because of my work and because of my location...that to be labeled a Christian is not simply enough anymore. Let me go in to a little detail....

In Louisville the hot button issue is Calvinism. For those not familiar Calvinism, it is a particular theological view of salvation. It is one of many views on salvation. Well the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, which is located in Louisville, has a president who labels himself a Calvinist. But what makes this interesting is this...Calvinism has 5 point of belief about salvation commonly referred too as the T.U.L.I.P. Now I have studied these 5 point and do not agree with all 5. I agree with 3 or 4 depending on who the context of the conversation I am in places these points. None the less I do not agree with all 5. Calvinism = 5 points thus Brandon <> (that means doesn't equal to in programming language) Calvinist or for you math folks out there 4 doesn't equal five. This seems rather basic to me or so I thought.

Well that isn't the case. Apparently the new trend(and I am not sure why) is that if you agree with 4 points you are a Calvinist. Now this is a very strange concept to me because that is like saying you are 80% pregnant. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE are either pregnant or you aren't so to me you are either a Calvinist and you believe all 5 points or you are not. So I guess my question is this, "Why label yourself something if you aren't that?" I am really interested in answers to this question because we had 3 people at the table at lunch and really came up with 3 different answers!

Football Time

It is the most wonderful time of the year and no I am not talking about Christmas. I love football. I love all kinds of football. I love Pee-wee thru Pro. I could seriously watch football 24/7. So with all that said looks like it is going to be a good year for football starting this Saturday with my VOLS taking on Cal. GO VOLS!!!! I am going to make a few predictions on college and pro football. Give me your feedback and or your picks for the winners.

College football - I am an SEC homer so I will start with them.

SEC EAST - Georgia will win the east this year much to my dislike
SEC WEST - Bama. How can you pick against Saban with the amount of talent there.
SEC Champ - Georgia

Tennessee will finish 9 - 3 and Fulmer will be on the hot seat. Not sure he should be but he will be none-the-less.

Nation Champion - USC. I don't like it at all but GEES they are deep and talented

Pro Football

- Cincinnati
South - Colts
East - New England
West - San Diego

AFC Champions - GRRRRRR!!! New England. I hate to say it but gees they look scary on Defence and well Tom Brady just plain and simply wins alot of games

- Chicago
South - Dallas
East - New Orleans
West - San Fransisco

NFC Champions - Dallas

Super Bowl - New England. You have no idea how much i pain in writing that name.

Let me know your picts