Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Back.....

Well Im back. Been a long time since I had a post but figured it was about time to get back to blogging. I do not know how long I will be on this blog as I might start playing with hosting my own blog in the future but that is a little down the road and besides I have alot more to write about and be thankful for.

For those who do not know Crystal and I are expecting the arrival of our first kid. His due date, if he makes it that long, is September 11. Guess if he came that day I would have a reason to like that day. But we are VERY excited and have been extremely blessed by all the support and all the gifts from showers we received. Before anyone we don't have a name yet. We can't seem to decide. We are stuck between two names that we both really like. Hopefully we will be able to decide before his arrival but if not I guess we will just wait to see him.

There is alot of other things going on too but not nearly as important and my first boy. Football season is upon us and once again I am out doing myself in the fantasy realm. Currently I am enrolled in 4 fantasy football leagues, 1 baseball league, 1 nascar league, a survival football pickem, college football pickem, and a Pro football pickem. UGH!!! Im am going to have to start getting to work at 7:30(we start work at 8:30) just to get all my fantasy stuff laid out each day. Not sure I why i do this to myself so don't ask. Anyways have a few other post in mind but keep an eye out for post concerning the baby cause I am sure that will now be the main thing I post about.