Thursday, February 26, 2009

men don't need instructions....

Well I gotta tell a story on myself. If you can't laugh at this one there is just something wrong with you. So some of you have children and you understand this but it wasn't something i expected. We started feeding Sawyer rice cereal about 3 -4 weeks ago. We thought that he was getting hungry at night so we started with that. He didn't take to it right away and we didn't really know what we are doing so it took time but starting last week he started taking it well and then over the course of the weekend he took off with it and by Monday night he had taken about 2 1/2 tblspoons. That is a good meal for a little guy. Well we had notices his dirty diapers had slowed down but as we got to thinking we realized that he had not had a dirty since Saturday and it was Tuesday. Poor guy was backed up! So my wife being the loving woman she is bought some apple prun juice to give him to "clean out the pipes" which we tried on Tuesday night. Well he didn't take to it to well but when I got home on Wednesday after work I decided that I would give him a little more. Now two things need to be said here....

1) Crystal had not informed me he had a dirty diaper that morning at the baby sitters house.

2)Now when I decided to get the juice for him i reached in the frige, grabbed the tiny bottle of juice, poured it in his bottle and feed away. Did I read the package....NO. Well Sawyer proceed to take down about 1 oz of apple prun juice by the time Crystal got back from the gym. So I informed her that he had taken about 1 oz. Now much to my surprise I did not get a thank you or a that is nice I got a question....

Crystal ..."Did you add any water to the juice?"
Brandon, ..."No why would I do that?"
Crystal, ... "Because it was concentrate....."

So in summary my son sucked down 1 oz of concentrated apple prun juice. Needless to say I was greeted this morning at 7:40 with a nice smelly surprise. I apparently flushed him out like an oil change on a car.

Monday, February 16, 2009

...just a thought

But as i read the morning news after getting back from my work out I stumbled upon this article. I have never been in favor of embryonic stem cell research and this is why. In my college ethics class one of the things we discussed was "Why go for the path that can lead to questionable moral/ethical practices when it isn't necessary?" When there is no other alternative then we have to deal with the moral/ethical concerns but not when there is another path. We don't need embryonic stem cell to treat diseases because of great minds creatively coming up with new ways to use non-questionable ethical methods. Adult stem cell research is booming right now and mostly because of the restrictions placed on embryonic stem cell research by the previous administration. We are starting to see the fruits of hard working scientist who see that there is another path to cure disease WITHOUT having to destroy embryos. Next step.....get fertility clinics to stop taking more eggs than they are going to implant during IVF! Then the scientific community's arguement that these embryos are going to be destroyed anyways arguement will have no legs because there should be no "left over" embryos.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sports Update

As many of you know I LOVE sports. especially football. But this is just a quick run down of some national sports news

Swimming - I know what he did but I think we are missing the point. Michael Phelps has been smeared all over the media and probably i some homes for smoking pot and getting a photo of it published. Is what he did wrong .....YES. Is what he did forgivable...YES. People want him to be a role model and I think he should be but a role model is not just a person who does nothing wrong. What better role model is there than someone who makes a mistake, takes responsiblity for the mistake, doesn't piss and moan about it, and accepts the weight of that mistake. If Sawyer was old enough now for me to explain this to him I would tell him to look up to Michael Phelps because thought he did something wrong he has handled himself in the correct way. What if more people in this world acting in the same manner on mistakes...would be a completely different world. Thank you Michael Phelps!

Basketball - Well UK started 5-0 on in SEC play and fell hard to 5-3 and now the Fire Billy websites are rolling strong. Apparently UK fans(the ones that want the coach fired) forget they don't have a great amount of talent. You have Patterson and Meeks! Not many other players are serious threats. It takes time to convert a program from on coach to another. Besides who you going to go get.....You truely think a coach is out there that is going to do better with this talent pool than he has done....I only know one and im sure he isn't going anywhere....Tubby Smith! *just a little jab there*

Football - Well my favorite thing to talk about. How about national signing day in the NCAA. What a ride. My boys in orange didn't do to bad considering 4 out of 8 top commitments under fulmer went else where....and who could blame them. BUT Lane Lane I like this guy. He got good talent and he picked and fight with Meyer. For those out there that don't know Meyer has taken the top of my crap list away from "The Ol Ball Coach". Lane called out Meyer on a "rules violation" that wasn't a rules violation in the least BUT it was simply bad form! Meyer should not have called which the recruit was on a visit to UT. Some people will say that Meyer didn't know that recruit was there.....BULL! Recruits are closely monitored and if Meyer really wanted him he knew exactly where he way. Lane probably shouldn't have called him out in the national public but you know what....I like that he has fire and spunk because that is what it is going to take to compete in the SEC. People said he was goin gto get run over by the likes of Saban, Meyer, Richt, MIles, and Spurrier. Well i think it is safe to say he won't get run over. Couple more years with his passion and recruiting ability I think we are going to be right back to competeing for SEC East titles every year! GO VOLS