Monday, August 28, 2006

Sin is at your Door Step

This morning on the way to work I was listening to the Truth for Life radio sermon. I sometimes listen to this on my way to work because it does tend to put me in focus on my way to work. But this morning was really intresting to me. It was title "Why good people do bad things."

"Humans do bad things because we make bad decisions." Now I really like this because some people want to make that old statement , "The devil made me do it." That is a load of hogwash. Satan has no power in thie world other than what we give him. Now he did go on to say that other factors are in effect, like the pleasure of sin. Lets face it sin is appealing and if we try to say it isn't then we aren't reading from the same bible.

This sermon was basically about personal responsibilty. One of my biggest problem in our culture, the Christian faith, and in our work is that we as human beings try to put the blame on someone else. But that is is just a pathway to sin. If you flirt with it enough you will be burned. Same applies for all sins, sexual impurity, anger, envy, etc. So remember sin is pleasureable and appealing, "knocking at your door step", but thye choice is yours.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Meebo Me

Ok I am now on board with the testing of a really cool product, or so I think. Meebo is a all in one HTML/web based chat client for the major chat services, ie. AIM, YAHOO, GTALK, etc. But the cool feature about it is that it also has a plugin that you can post on your website/blog that allows people to talk to you when you are signed in. I want to encourage anyone who reads this to send me a chat and let me know what you think about it. Please change your name at the bottem of the chat client so I will know who is talking to me.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

When did I become a Geek!

Ok I must confess.....I used to get really REALLY mad at the stupid best buy Geek Squad. It gave IT people like me a rap as a geek just because I work in the IT field. I hated the thought that I was a geek because I didn't feel like I was one. I guess that goes back to high school because no one in high school can be cool if you are a geek. But then I really thought about that and I was not cool either so it was a failed attempt anyways.

Well I think now my opinion has changed. The other night I was driving to watch a play with my wife and some friends and I received a phone call from a family friend. He was having some problems with his computer and accessing the internet. So while driving I started talking with him and troubleshooting the problem. After about 10 minutes I was able to find the problem and give him a detailed list of steps to resolve this issue. Ok some of you might ask the same question he did...."How do you know all this?" I mean I could literally see the desktop and the icons and telling him what to do. At that moment it hit me.....either I am incredibly gifted at what I do or I am a GEEK!. Well I don't think I am incredibly gifted because I know a lot of people who could, can, and do the same things I do. Thus the only other solution is I am a GEEK!
This all got me thinking thus I had to find the definition of a geek and I found this at

"A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept."

I guess the definition sums it up...I am a partial geek but is that any better in the eyes of the world than a regular geek?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Ministry vs "Church Ministry"

OK This is a very personal post for me and I am really searching for answers so if you have some input please post. When I was 17 I "accepted a call to ministry on my life". Now at the time I thought that might be Church ministry, aka Youth Ministry or something like that. But over time I came to realize that the Lord had not called me to that type of ministry. He called me to ministry for my life. Now I realize that is a little hard to understand so I will go a little further in depth.

In college I began to realize the Lord had gifted me in the area of computers. Programming, hardware, support, etc. I love to work with computer, ticker with them, and enjoy educating myself about them. Then over time it became apparent to me that a job in the field of computers was not "ministry" and was afraid that the I was being disobedient to the "calling" I had received. But was I really?

This was a struggle for a while in college until I got my internship with the KY Baptist Convention. I then began to realize the calling God had placed on my life. I am performing that ministry everyday by serving those in this building and providing computer support to them. But that is where things then get a little gray for me.

Is there a difference between being a Church Staff and being in minister? A lot of people I talk to say yes but I am not sure what I think at this point. I view my job not as a job but a ministry and if you aren't sure what I mean I will say it this way...I view the KBC as the body of Church and I view what I do as the legs of the body. The ministers here are the head and arms. So please give me your input.....Am I am Minister or not?