Monday, September 17, 2007

So sad for my Volunteers!

How about them Vols showing up to play against Florida....o wait...they didn't!! Ok I have been one of the people saying stay off Phil Fulmer. He has won a national title, numerous SEC east titles and numerous SEC titles but this is starting to get sad. I am not sure what he needs to do but it is time to start looking at some changes. I don't mean fire Fulmer as he is always getting great talent in the recruiting(always in the top 25 of recruiting)but a change needs to be made. What has been the staples of UT football? On offense the Power I formation! We don't run that anymore but I will give Cutcliff a little slack as we are putting up nice Offensive numbers. The other staple has been shut down defense!!!We always run a 43 defense and we STOP THE RUN! Well we don't do that anymore. John Chavis is a good coach but change is not always a bad thing thus my question is it time for UT to make a move to improve our defense as it seems that has been the thing that is lacking in the recent years?