Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Good

As I said I promised to get away from political post so i thought this was worth while. My wife sent me this video(taken on her phone) and I am still just smiling ear to ear as I post this. Please enjoy the video and talk about how cute my kid is :-)!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Quick thought

Im at work but I have to get this off my chest. FOLK JESUS ISN'T A REPULICAN NOR IS HE A DEMOCRAT! It is about time people get off their horse of "this country is going to hell because we elected a democrat" and "well great...abortion will never be over turned now". Folks God is in control so before you start down either of those paths remember that God put Obama in office! Is that a sobering thought to you?? It should be. Christ gave us two commandments..1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. 2) Love your neighbor as yourself. So it is time we as the "Church" start doing what we are commanded to do which is lead people to Christ. Once we get our focus set on that all other things will work there way out. And one more thing....some people seem to think things in this world are going to get the book of Revelation and I think you will find that to be incorrect. It is going to get WORSE before it gets better!

Obama said last night that though he didn't earn my vote he wants to be my president...well Im willing to give him that shot. Obama is my President and I pray that God give him guidance, wisdom, strength, and safty in the next 4 years.

** addendum **
This is not be saying I agree with Obama's policies cause I don't

** addendum 2 **
This is not me saying that Obama's election signals the end of time...Im pretty sure the 3 horse man will be a give away to that not the election of Obama

** addendum 3 **
Abortion will never be over turned....Bush was in office for 8 years and nothing changed...the Supreme Court didn't even hear an abortion case(that revolved around its outright elimination) and even if they did people need to understand how the courts take a lot to overturn a precedent like the abortion precedent.

** addendum 4 **
What is the number of people I piss off this time?? Comment your guess.

** addendum 5 **
This is my last political post from here on out it is back to my family and technology.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted....

...did you. I don't really care who you vote for but what I care about is did you vote. One of the things my mind just cannot understand is people NOT voting. People died for that right for us and we take it way to much for granted. Go vote!!!! Go Exercise your right!!! Now with that said I will give a brief discourse on who I voted for in the major elections.

President : I was very torn on this one. I don't like either McCain or Obama. Both are big spenders and both aren't going to trim the fat in Washington(I don't believe Obama is going to bring change because he has voted 98% of the time with his party). McCain has been labeled as George Bush(Excellent strategy by the Dems) but if you look at his record thru his years of service he has voted against his own party more than any other elected official in that public of an office. Now Sarah Palin scares the sh$% out of me but I did vote for McCain and here is why in one sentence. This country(with exception to the past 2 years) ALWAYS functions better with checks and balances are in place and having a democrat congress and a democrat white house basically does away with checks and balances in those two branches of government. So here is to me hoping some radical feminist doesn't go ape on McCain(if he gets elected) and we end up with our first woman president because Palin scares me more than Obama.

3rd District : On this one I was not really torn. Though I have a lot of respect for Yarmuth(he has done a good job in the house much to my dismay) the one thing I want done here in Louisville is the new bridge projects. I don't think the hospitals in the area need more money(Baptist, Jewish, and Norton are all building new hospitals so they don't need money). I want the east end bridge done and that is IT!! So I voted for Northup though i won't be disappointed in a Yarmoth victory in the least.

Kentucky Senate : McConnell vs Lunsford. Holy CRAP did i hate this race. This was the most negative campaign I have ever witnessed and it made me sick. I almost didn't vote for it but then i would be stupid because I believe everyone should vote. I voted for McConnell for one reason! WKU. He has done a tremedious amount of work to secure funds for WKU and I for one have see the benefits of that.

Brief conclusion : Though it seems I voted republican alot I really didn't. In most of the local elections I voted for democrats because they don't have alot of funds to work with, they aren't getting more, and they get alot done with what we give them now. Plain and simple my view of government is this.....I always want less government, less taxes, less spending, less interference, and less general crap from washington. I dont need them to tell me how to live, how to work, how to pay my taxes, how to support the poor, and how to have morality. The federal government, This includes Dubya, can't manage what I give them now so what makes me think that giving them more is a good idea. I will always lean towards this feeling so when someone tells me they are going to raise taxes and start new spending project(even if it is on the wealthy), for what ever it is, I don't like it and will no support it.