Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I love Robin Williams

I know I have been on a roll lately with my post but I couldn't help repost this article for some to read it you haven't. Robin Williams is so right when it comes to politics.

Politics Suck!

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Sporting Report

SPORTS ARE BACK. Man I love football. I was talking with Crystal the other day and just expressing my love for the sport. I love little league football, high school football, college football, and pro football. I just love football. I love football as much as my bother-in-law loves pie and that is saying alot cause he really likes pie. But two notes on some sporting news

First, HOW ABOUT THEM VOLS. Man they are rolling. The had the one little hiccup on Florida where fulmer pulled a Johnny Majors and tried to sit on a lead but now with Florida being the #2 team in the land it sure makes that one point loss and the fact that we should have won that game look alot better. Also we put up 51 on UGA this weekend. The stingy defense of the dawgs couldn't stop Ol Smokey come round the bend. All I have to say is "in David Cutcliff I trust."

Second, Far be it from me to jump on the side of any hot headed, better than anyone else NFL player but I have to take up for T.O. today. I watched that game and boy what a game. Now T.O was Teed off about the game and I don't blame him. Drew Bledso couldn't get have hit T.O with the ball if he was as big as the broad side of a barn. TO had single coverage all day long and he only caught 3 passes. Now I know T.O.'s history but lets also give the guy some credit because the news that has been made in Dallas has mostly been the media blowing it up. The Media is horrible about going for the jugular when they can get away with it. T.O. is selfish but he has been handling this year with stride...he hasn't bad mouthed the coach or the QB...YET so give him some cred because when you get one on one coverage and you are 6" taller than the corner just throw up the stupid pigskin and let Terrell Owens bring it down.

Finally, how about them Colts. Pulling another one out of their rear ends. The titans pretty much beat them the entire game and didn't win. O well. Tony Dungy said it right..."we have yet to play our best game." That is scary when you beat the teams they have beat and haven't played your best game yet. Peyton(the former U of Tennessee stand out) is the best QB in the league right now...PERIOD.

This has been the sporting report

Monday, October 02, 2006

Part 2

Its seems as though I have made some people upset with my previous post about Religion and Politics. Maybe I took to harsh a tone or something like that but I get really upset at people in this country who want to take the history of this country out of context. I believe context in all situations has to be taken in to account or else history is not relevent.

Now to those people I might have upset with my comments I am sorry. My frustration should not have been so openly seen or "heard" thru this blog. My justification for my points is the fact that to many christians worry about what the federal, state, or local government is doing and no worrying enough about there own walk with the Lord Jesus. That is bearing false witness when we aren't living what we profess yet we expect other too vie legislation and governmental laws.
All i can think about with reference to this is the laws of the old testament and that bugs me. Jesus fulfilled the law not created more of it. Either way I hope this post clears up a few things.

I pray that all who read this and know me know that my desire in life is to be living sacrifice for Christ Jesus. I hope that my perspective is pure and that I put Christ first in my life, others second, and myself third. I shall do as the law of the land is set before me. I will vote, pay my taxes and obey the laws of this wonderful country and I hope that I become an example of Christ in this world with out having to become "aligned with one political or governmental view".