Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Politics and Religion Pt.1

Well being that this is another election year(seems like every year is one but that is another post) I figured it was time to put a few things out there just because this is my blog and I can.

Something that has weighed heavy on my heart for a few years now is how the evangelical Christian community deals with the election years and politicians. Now most would NEVER admit it but the truth of our humanity is never on a greater display than during this time. See our hearts crave the return of our Savior. We long for it in the very depths of our souls and don't even seem to sometimes recognize how it affects us. Look and listen to how people talk about the presidential election. They will say things like "If we elect him again this country will go to hell" or "This man can save this country from the destructive path we are on". Those are just two of the many many statements you will hear.

Now in the light o this how should we as Christians really respond? To answer that we have to understand what these elections do to our hearts. We crave so greatly to have our Savior return, redeem us, and bring us all to his Glory that we put the weight of this charge on to a earthly man whom can not give it to us. Then when he doesn't live up to our heavenly expectations we feel let down and disappointed. Some might disagree with me on this(most probably will) but if you sit back and evaluate it you will see that it does happen.

So how should we respond? By realizing these are earthly sinful people. Once you realize they are all fallen just like us then we can start to evaluate them in a light that is healthy. No president or member of congress has the power or authority to drive this country to hell or bring it to glory. Do we get that fact? Lets say it one more time, "No President or member of congress has the power or authority to drive this country to the gates of Hell or bring it it the throne of Glory." Only God has that power! Are you living your life in the truth of that fact? Im trying hard to make that part o my daily life but sometimes i fail and need to be reminded again of this fact!