Thursday, September 09, 2010

Football Time 2010

....yes I know I am one week in to college football but I had this post drafted before that I just never proof read. So here we go.....(Edited from draft)

Ok so I looked over my picks from last year(champions and what not) for NCAA and Pro and discovered I'm not real good a predictions but they are fun so I am going for them again. Since I'm an unabashed SEC homer I will only predict the SEC and the overall NCAA Champion. Unfortunately for all I think Boise State will be in the national championship game because they only have one true game to win. So this year is who is competing to face Boise. What a sad fact! (Edited from draft- I was right on with Boise beating VaTech)

SEC East - Georgia
SEC West - Alabama
SEC Champion - Georgia

NCAA Championship - Georgia vs Boise State

After a crazy off season for my Vols with the departure of the Lane Train Im not sure what to make of Dooley. Good background, been successful everywhere he was, and he seems to have a grip on discipline for a team that has struggled with it. The loss of Brown at RB will hurt but we have a favorable schedule. 8 - 4 with losses to Oregon, Bama, Georgia, Auburn. Improved but more improvement to make

AFC East - Miami
West - Chargers
South - Colts
North - Bengals
Wild Card - Texans
Wild Card - Ravens
Champion - Ravens

NFC East - Giants
West - 49ers
South - Panthers
North - Packers
Wild Card - Vikings
Wild Card - Saints
Champion - Packers

Super Bowl - Packers(I think it is their year with so much talent)

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